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April 21, 2009
By Margaret Seitz BRONZE, Clarence Center, New York
Margaret Seitz BRONZE, Clarence Center, New York
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Part 4: Rocket goes through ceiling and Eric is upset

Kelso, Eric and Hyde are down in the basement chilling out just watching TV. Kelso leaves and then comes back with a toy rocket he has just got. Eric isn’t that interested and thinks its quite juvenile that Kelso would actually spend money on a toy rocket that probably doesn’t even work. Hyde thinks its cool and wants one too. Kelso is explaining to Eric and Hyde all the mechanics about the rocket but they are focused on the TV. Kelso says that he wants to set it off but Eric wants him to wait until later when everyone else is there. Kelso sits down and watches TV for a little while put grows impatient quickly and wants to set his rocket off. Kelso decides that he can’t wait any longer and goes upstairs in search of matches. Once Kelso searches the whole house he remembers that Hyde has a lighter and runs back downstairs to the basement.

Eric- Kelso why do you look like you are setting up that rocket? You do realize that although it’s a toy it could do some serious damage, right?
Kelso- What dude, are you trying to tell me something? Hyde let me see that lighter for a second.
Eric- Oh your so funny Kelso like you would actually be that dumb to set a rocket off inside.
Kelso grabs Hyde’s lighter and ignites the end of the rocket.
Eric- (Yelling) Holy shit Kelso, don’t do it!
Kelso- 3,2,1 blast off!
The rocket soars through the basement ceiling with a roar. It creates a great hole and they all stop and stare in awe.
Eric- Kelso! You are a complete moron! What the hell were you thinking? Do you know how much trouble I am going to be in?
Hyde- Wow, that was sick man, lets do it again.
Kelso- I know right. I wish I could but that was the only one I had.
Eric- Whoa, you two can’t be serious. Are you totally oblivious to what has just happened? In case you didn’t notice a rocket just went through my basement ceiling and I’m going to be in so much trouble.
Kelso- Calm down Eric I thick your underwear is a little too tight.
Eric- Kelso, you just launched a rocket through my ceiling, what do you want me to say?
Hyde- Come on Eric it could have been worse. What if the house started on fire or something?
Eric- Ok I can tell this is hard for you guys to grasp the concept that there is nothing funny about this situation but this is not good, not good at all.
Kelso- I have a good idea.
Eric- You, a good idea, you have got to be kidding me.
Kelso- Just listen to me.
Hyde- (laughing) Yea come on man, just listen to him, it can’t be any worse then planning to launch a rocket in your basement.
Eric- Hyde don’t even try defending Kelso, trust me you don’t want to be involved in this.
Kelso- Ok here’s the plan, what if I went out and got some wood then cut it up and everything to fix the whole myself. I could fix it all up before your parents come home and they will never know what happened.
Hyde- That’s a really good idea man, it could work.
Eric- Kelso your not touching the hole. Do you even know where the lumberyard is? Let me answer that for you, no you don’t. Even if you could fix the floor I wouldn’t let you, I want you out of my house now before you cause any more problems.

Part 5: Hyde and Kelso are looking at the hole form above and Eric is on the phone with the handyman.
Eric walks up the basement stairs to find the rocket still smoking and the hole looking even
larger from the kitchen. He looks down the hole to see Kelso and Eric still watching TV, which angers him even more. Eric grabs the phone book out of the cabinet and throws it down the hole.
Kelso- Ow, what was that for?
Eric- (mumbling to himself) What was that for, you have got to be kidding me
Eric- (Yelling down through the hole at the two boys) Kelso I want you out now, you too Hyde. Obviously you two are useless and can’t help me so I want you both gone.
Eric runs downstairs to the basement and grabs both Kelso and Hyde by their shirts and drags them into the kitchen so they can see the hole for themselves. They both stare at the hole then the smoking rocket and burst out laughing. Kelso and Hyde slap hands in accomplishment.
Hyde- You know what Eric, I know this guy that could fix this for you. I haven’t talked to him in a couple of years, he was my old girlfriends neighbor. His name was like Walter or something like that. He was always working on some project around the house.
Eric agrees to Hyde’s idea and they go back downstairs to retrieve the phonebook. Kelso passes around the hole and doesn’t know how he can make the situation any better. Kelso doesn’t want to get in trouble form Eric’s parents and he doesn’t have the money to pay for the repairs. In fear that Eric will get any angrier he runs out the door in a panic.
Eric- Alright Hyde I think I found it.
Hyde- Yep that’s the one; do you want me to call?
Eric- No I got it Hyde, go grab me the phone.
Eric speaks with Walter on the phone who agrees to come look at the damage later in the day. Eric is somewhat relieved but is uncertain that it will all work out.
Ding Dong
Part 6: Jackie, Dona and Fez enter the spa

Jackie is on the phone trying to win spa tickets from a local radio station.
Dona and Fez are in the kitchen observing the damage from the rocket.
Jackie- (Screaming with joy) ahhhh, no way, I won guys, I won the spa tickets!
Fez- Woah! Woah!
Fez loses his balance when Jackie starts screaming because she won the tickets and falls through the hole.
Dona- Jeez, Jackie, what the hell were you thinking?
Jackie and Dona look down the hole into the basement to see that Fez has landed perfectly on the couch and is safe but not to happy about falling ten feet.
Jackie and Dona run down to the basement and make sure Fez is really ok. Fez complains that he hurt his back and Jackie tries convincing him that the message will make everything better.
They all walk back upstairs and Jackie explains to Dona and Fez what the spa is all about.

Jackie- would you just listen to me for two minutes. I just won three spa tickets to that oriental spa I love going to. The tickets are for the total spa experience including a relaxing Arabian message.
Jackie- wow Jackie sounds like fun I know getting an Arabian message is at the top of my to do list. (Sarcastically)
Fez- Arabian and message shouldn’t be allowed to go in the same sentence. How can that be relaxing, an Arabian message, huh (Fez is completely uninterested in the idea of a relaxing spa day)
Jackie- I’m glad you guys are so interested. I would really like both of you to come with me, it will be so much fun.
Dona- you couldn’t pay me enough to go get an Arabian message, I don’t want some freaky people I don’t know toughing me
Fez- I’m with Dona on this one. Jackie you couldn’t catch me dead in a spa. I feel like I would be loosing my manhood if I set foot on that place.
Jackie talks Dona and Fez into joining her after many debates
Jackie enters the spa first being greeted by several Japanese workers in slick white uniforms. They all know Jackie by name and are thrilled to know that she has brought along some friends.
Wong Se- oh how are you darling, who are your friends? (In Japanese accent)
Jackie- I’m doing alright, these are my friends Dona and Fez. Neither of them have got a message before, they are so excited.
Dona and Fez roll their eyes and look at Jackie in disgust
Wong Se- Oh well I have a great room set up for you guys just follow me and I will give you your robs and while your changing we will prepare the room for you.
While walking back to the message room Fez is fascinated by everything in the spa. He is intrigued by all the Japanese paintings on the wall and can’t keep his eyes off one of the workers in particular, Nukiok. Once Dona realizes she has to change into a robe she starts freaking out and tries leaving but Jackie won’t let her.
Fez- I call Nukiok, I need that Arabian message. You didn’t tell me Jackie that I was getting a full rub down by a hot woman in a silky robe.
Jackie- oh Fez, get your head out of the gutter and please don’t do anything stupid.
Fez- me? Do anything stupid, come on Jackie I’m just looking forward to stripping down and getting rubbed down by a beautiful woman. (Fez stairs at Jackie with an enormous smile on his face)
Dona- this is ridiculous, Jackie I want to leave right now, I don’t know what is worse that Fez is having more fun then me or that I am going to run out that door in about thirty seconds
Jackie- Guys stop. This was supposed to be a relaxing day for the three of us and I’m not feeling very relaxed, come on I think we are going to need it.
Fez- yea my back is really hurting, don’t worry Nukiok will take care of it for me
Wong Se- here are your robs you guys can change and come back out when your done
Fez- oh they’re nice and silky
Dona- oh dear lord I can’t handle this
Jackie- Fez I’m glad your enjoying it so far, Dona come on, its just a robe.
Fez goes into his own dressing room while Dona and Jackie change next door into their robes

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Nice articale, but I don't like this show at all.

on Apr. 8 2010 at 8:20 pm
totlally luv the doin it aspect! i would luv to dance neked and do it 4 fez... or donna! shes hawt 2!