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Full House

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever had a problem at home and not known how to solve it? Full House has the same type problems and they show ways to work it out calmly. Plus the show is hilarious. Full House is the greatest show ever, the cast is amazing, the situations are peeing in your pants funny and serious too, and the acting is so believable it’s like spying on your neighbors! Turn on you TV. on Nick @ Nite during 9:00-9:30 p.m.
The cast is great. The have literally a “Full House” of people. They have all different personalities. There is Stephanie, Jesse, Danny (the dad), DJ (the oldest sister), Joey (the hilarious comedian uncle), Michelle (the baby), Jesse’s girlfriend, and Jesse’s twins! Living under one roof! It’s crazy! They all are different ages and all have different problems to entertain different people.
The situations are real life situations, for example, have you ever drove your parents car into something? I have, into a garage. But there is one episode where Stephanie (the middle child) drives Jesse’s (the uncle) brand new expensive car into the kitchen! Then she runs away because she is scared to face the consequences. But Full House shows ways to work things out calmly.
The acting is amazing. They show great emotion, it’s like you can feel it! It’s like you are there solving each episode. They cooperate greatly and I really don’t see how the Olsen twins “Michelle” do what they do at such a young age. They are baby stars, and great little actresses.
Full House is a great show, it has inspired me in so many ways it has a lot of inspiration. This show could actually help you with your problems at home because there are so many problems that happen on the show. It’s also funny and cute so you have to watch it. Full hose is awesome their cast, situation, and acting is excellent.

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