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December 29, 2010
By Stephanie Veloso BRONZE, Oviedo, Florida
Stephanie Veloso BRONZE, Oviedo, Florida
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In 2009 Paramore debuted “Brand New Eyes,” with 11 tracks that featured themes of love and music that everyone could relate to. Hayley Williams' incredibly controlled voice has the power to turn any song into a sweet lullaby, soothing broken hearts.

The album begins with messages of never being too careful, a changing life, and most of all, broken faith, promises, and hearts. Williams conveys her point clearly with her piercing voice, telling listeners to hope and look forward. As she sings in “Ignorance,” maybe “change is good.”

She paints pictures with her words. “Brick by Boring Brick” tells a story of the familiar happily-ever-after fairy tale, but here the princess is lost and in distress. When her prince finally comes to the rescue and the happy ending seems imminent, the clock strikes 12 and all that happiness falls apart. Williams reminds us that because life is hard, everyone builds a wall to protect themselves, but there will always be things to blow down that wall.

As the album comes to an end, songs like “Looking Up,” “Where the Lines Overlap,” “Misguided Ghosts,” and “All I Wanted,” reveal happier messages. Yeah, our lives our scary, and it may feel as though we're alone, but we're in it together, and everyone has their own share of troubles. Wherever you are in life, this album has a song to help.

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on Feb. 20 2011 at 1:17 pm
Alice_in_Wonderland GOLD, San Clemente, California
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Favorite Quote:
“I could give up, I could stay stuck, or I could move on, So I put one foot front of the other, No no no nothing’s gonna break my stride, “ –David Archuleta (The Other Side of Down)

I totally agree with both you and Shelly-T. Great job! I love that album too.

Shelly-T GOLD said...
on Jan. 9 2011 at 4:46 pm
Shelly-T GOLD, Romeoville, Illinois
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That was a well written review; I liked how you wrote a summary of the story behind the songs.  I love this album too, its my favorite!!! :)