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Lykke Li: So Sad, So Sexy Album Review

November 21, 2018
By juliacampos18 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
juliacampos18 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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     Swedish Indie-Pop singer, Lykke Li, released her fourth studio album titled: So Sad, So Sexy on June 8th, 2018. This album entails loss and heartbreak, but also a desire for sincere love. Lykke Li opens up the album with single, Hard Rain, reflecting on her break up; she explores the idea of filling up her emptiness, her loneliness with love. Then she moves onto the music festival anthem, Deep End, exploring an indie-electro beat where she compares the process of falling in love with someone to diving into the deep end of a pool despite the chance of being burned by chlorine. On tracks like Better Alone and Bad Woman, Li claims that she is at fault for her heartbreak. Through lines like "I'm a bad woman (I know I hurt you), But I'm still your woman (I'll try to change)" Li offers insight that she was not the typical "Housewife" that her partner might have longed for. However, this album was not just about personal failures, but instead personal growths as well. In the past four years since her last album, I Never Learn, Lykke Li lost her mother and became a mother. In the track, Two Nights, Lykke Li illustrates how she's tired of always being in her feelings, she enjoys having fun too. The song maintains a dreamy vibe and includes a rap by Aminé that has lyrics like, “Don’t be sad, look alive Lykke" which depict Lykke breaking out of her melancholic shell.
     All in all, Lykke Li closes the album with the song, Utopia, which is dedicated to her late mother and her two-year-old son. The track, Utopia, is the outcry from Li herself for happiness. She sings, "We could shine brighter than glitter, There's only one way up" which embodies Lykke's hopes and dreams in bright light. Ultimately this studio album marked a breakaway from Li's traditional heartfelt, melancholic tunes venturing into more hip-hop-infused, pulsating indie-electric pop allowing her to grace fans with yet another festival anthem of the year.

The author's comments:

After watching the live setlist at Lollapalooza, this album spoke for itself. A melancholic, indie electro pop-based album speaking about heartbreak, regrets, and hope for the future with an edgy, hypnotic tune allowing Lykke Li to remain true to herself and her fans.

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