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   Combine a fabulous array of cinematography and one of the most interestinganimals in the world and you have Boston's Museum of Science's latest OmniTheater film, Beavers. I was amazed at the new things I learned at this show! Didyou know that two beavers can fell over 400 trees in one year?

Not yourusual, boring science film, it even presents a good story. It is about a pair ofbeavers who meet in a field, make the pilgrimage to the best climate and find aperfect body of water for their new home. During the spring and summer months,the pair of furry architects collect the materials and begin to build a dam. Byportraying the strenuous work of building this dam with great cinematography andbeautiful, natural music, the dam is built to enormous perfection in just threeor four minutes. After succeeding in their feat of stopping the powerful flowingwater, the pair start their home sweet home, which consists of sticks, grassesand cut-up trees, and is piled even higher than a full-sized bear (who happens toattack their home). Within this homemade cavern of wood, the beavers construct alarge den, reachable only from underwater, in which they sleep and keepwarm.

Winter, the toughest part of the year for these enduring creatures,soon rolls around and the female has a litter of babies. These babies, fosteredin the den, grow up quickly, learn their parents' ways and prepare for separationfrom their parents at one year.

As you can see, there's a lot to learnabout beavers and they prove to be very interesting and amazing little creatures.Not only is this an exciting, educational film (yes, I did say exciting andeducational), but seen in the surround-vision of the Boston Museum of Science'sMugar Omni Theater, you will feel like you are in the forest. Take my advice: see this movie and you will enjoy it to its full extent.

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i love this so much!