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February 12, 2014
By braygatron4 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
braygatron4 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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It’s the year 2154 and Earth is a wasteland. All the poor people live on the overpopulated Earth, while the rich and wealthy live on the man-made planet known as “Elysium.” The people on Elysium will never die because there are these medical beds called a “med-bay,” in which people lay down on, the machine diagnoses them, and then immediately cures them. Main character Max da Costa is a factory worker (on Earth) for the Elysium government, which is ran by robots. He has an accident at work and is exposed to radiation, which will kill him in five days’ time. He knows the only chance to live would involve him getting to a med-bay on Elysium, but the tickets to Elysium are well over his budget. That leaves him one choice, getting to Elysium illegally. He eventually gets there, but doesn’t get to a med-bay. Instead, he overthrows the government with a computer download, and everyone on Earth and Elysium is equal from then on. I thought this movie was good from beginning to end. One of the reasons is because Matt Damon is one of my favorite actors, and he was fabulous throughout. I don’t consider a movie to be good and enjoyable unless the ending was good as well. In this movie, the ending was perfect. Instead of da Costa getting to a med-bay to cure himself, like most of the audience would expect, he took his own life. However, in doing so, he restored equality throughout Earth and Elysium. That means everyone else of the two worlds would be able to live eternally, with med-bays on both planets. That’s an act of heroism, which is a perfect ending for the audience to enjoy.

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