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By Anonymous

   During these tough times,American soldiers are fighting overseas. They care about what they are fightingfor: their country and its freedom. If you are looking for an uplifting story, gosee "Behind Enemy Lines."

The movie begins with Burnett andStackhouse, two Navy pilots, getting ready to police the skies. Colonel Reigart(played by war movie legend Gene Hackman) calls newcomer Burnett (Owen Wilson) tohis office. Burnett is unhappy with his duty since all he does is monitor theAdriatic Sea. Reigart argues that one should pretend a war is always happening,and not complain. Burnett walks out of the office in a huff, thinking of leavingthe Navy.

Little do Burnett and Stackhouse know that there actually is awar going on - the Serbs are taking over Bosnia. As they fly over, they gobehind enemy lines and are quickly spotted by the Serbs, who fire two missiles.In a fantastic scene of ducking and dodging, the jet is hit and lands in a remotearea. Burnett desperately seeks help from the Colonel, and is chased by aninfamous Serb tracker eager to kill him.

During the entire movie, I was onthe edge of my seat, jumping with every chilling scenes occurred. It had the mostaction-packed scenes I have seen in a long time, especially the battles.

This movie is loosely based on the odyssey of Lieutenant Scott O'Grady,who was shot down over Bosnia in the '90s. This movie also tells the stories ofmany American soldiers before September 11th. Soldiers, like Burnett, never saw awar coming and thought their job was dull. Now, they are eager to fight andprotect what they believe in.

I urge the citizens of America to rush outand see this breathtaking film. For an additional surge of adrenaline, see it ina stadium-seating, surround-sound theater, which adds excitement to your viewing.

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