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By Anonymous

   "Boy meets girl. Boy gets girl. Boy loses girl. Girlgets her man in the end. Sound prdictable? Not when you're dealing with"Kate and Leopold."

It's not a chick flick, not if you'rethinking the sappy kind that appeals only to girls. It blends romance, comedy andeven time travel in a way that will appeal to both genders.

Meg Ryan playsKate, a lonely New York executive looking for her big break - and the perfectactor to star in her commercial for fat-free butter.

Enter Leopold (HughJackman), the 18th century Duke of Albany. He accidentally lands in 2001 througha freak time-travel accident, thanks to Kate's ex-boyfriend. When the two meet,sparks fly.

A number of things make this movie work. One, it uses thetime-travel idea without being hopelessly clichéd. No silly time-travelmachines here. Second, Hugh Jackman is brilliant as Leopold. No one else could soeasily play his role. Critics are calling him the next Mel Gibson, and Iwhole-heartedly agree. Third, it has a compelling theme that will leave youthinking long after the credits roll.

"Kate and Leopold" has allthe elements I love in a movie: romance; a clash of cultures; hard, moraldecisions; comedy; a few funky plot twists.

If you are a fan of Meg Ryan,or looking for fun, light-hearted entertainment, "Kate and Leopold" isa great choice.

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