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The Holiday

April 8, 2008
By Anonymous

If your big on cuddling up on a cold day and watching chick flicks by a warm fire place, then the holiday is defiantly for you because not only is it about one romance, but two.

This romantic comedy is about two women, who live on opposite sides of the country from each other, but both seem to be going through the same guy-problems and stages of their life, and they both need to just get away and relax for a little while. So, after meeting online they both decide to trade houses for two weeks.

Amanda Woods, played by Cameron Diaz leaves her home in Las Angeles and heads off to Europe, to the cute little house she saw a picture of online. After just handling a recent break-up she couldn’t wait to be away. When she arrives in this very small, cold town, she is relieved that there are no men. Until one night Graham Simpkins, (Jude Law) stumbles in looking for a place to sleep after a night out drinking. Graham happens to be Iris’s brother and wasn’t informed of the “house swap”, and that was how Amanda and Graham meet end up meeting, and from that night they couldn’t stop thinking about each other.

As for Iris Simpkins, played by Kate Winslet, the first time she pulls up her new house, she was in disbelief, it was huge, had it’s own gate and big pool, nothing at all of what she was used to.

One day she found an old man who was lost and brought him back to his home. Later Iris and Arthur Abbott become good friends and find out they have a lot in common. Iris also found out that he was once a very famous movie writer and director. Arthur plays a huge role in the plot because he gives Iris advice and helps her sort out her problems.

Jack Black, who plays the role of miles, works with Amanda and drops by her house to pick up some papers, but when Iris meets him they instantly have things in common and they start to fall in love.

The holiday not only being a two-in-one chick flick, also makes you want to laugh and cry as you watch the lives of Iris and Amanda play out. I would rate this movie a two thumbs up and definitely suggest it to you.

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