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   "John Q," starringDenzel Washington, is a heart-warming thriller full of suspense. Although ratedPG-13 for violence and language, it's still a great family movie.

Afterhis son collapses on the baseball field, factory worker John Q. Archibald(Washington) begins the battle to find him a new heart. Without sufficientmedical insurance, it won't be easy. When he realizes the doctors have lied tohim and that his son is not on the recipient list, he takes over the hospital atgunpoint, knowing this is the only chance for his son to get a new heart. Thefilm portrays John as a loving father who will do anything to save his son.Excellent character-building allows both parents and children to becomeemotionally involved, making this a great family film.

"John Q"gets great marks for its suspense as John's wife tries to get a message to him.At the turning point, John is emotionally drained and the outcome will leave theviewer in total shock.

No matter how impossible a scenario may seem,"John Q" shows that people can do great things if they have true love.There are, however, parts of the film viewers may disagree with, including itsracial stereotypes. Overall, though, "John Q" is a great movie and mayjust be the best Washington has done. For his fans, "John Q" might justbe the perfect movie.

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