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Scary Movie 4

May 7, 2008
By Anonymous

When the original scary movie came out, I was a huge fan of it. I t was one of the first movies to make fun of about 5 other horror movies at once. I was also a fan of the second scary movie. When I saw Scary Movie 3, I wasn’t satisfied. It began to seem like they were running out of things to make fun of. Then Scary Movie 4 came out, which I consider to be the worst of the scary Movie series.

After the death of a close friend, Cindy Campbell, played by Anna Faris, moves to work in a house which is believed to be haunted. Cindy has been trying to recover from a terrible past in the hope of starting over again. Living next door to her is recently divorced Tom Ryan. Cindy feels he might be what's missing from her life, causing the two to fall in love. But things start getting ugly again, when aliens, or tripods, appear on Earth and begin destroying the human race. A little Japanese Ghost Boy, that haunts the house, gives Cindy information on how to stop the aliens. She travels with her friend Brenda to a village where she can discover the secret to defeating the aliens.

Scary Movie 4 continuously, I think attempts to, makes fun of War of the Worlds, The Grudge, The Village, and Saw. The Humor throughout the movie doesn’t live up to the original. It just repeats the same jokes, which constantly get less and less funny. In Scary Movie 3 Michael Jackson was brought into the movie, which personally I thought was pretty funny. In Scary Movie 4 they brought him back again in the attempt to sustain the same humor they had in Scary Movie 3. However, the repetition of the same jokes, over and over, restrained Scary Movie 4 from being a funny movie.

As you can see I was disappointed with the movie, however I know a lot of people who thought it was hilarious. They point out that it's the extremely pointless humar that love. I personally don't understand that, but the movie does have a fanbase. If you have seen movies like Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet The Spartans, and Superhero Movie, then you will also like Scary Movie 4.

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