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License to Wed

December 3, 2007
By Anonymous

The comedy License to Wed, by Ken Kwapis, simply makes couples asks themselves, how many kids are they going to have? Who’s paying for what? Have they picked the right priest? And most of all are they right for each other?

Robin Williams plays the character of Reverend Frank, who is a priest who guides couples through marriage. The newly-engaged couple Ben (John Krasinski) and Sadie (Mandy Moore) decide to get married in three weeks. Reverend Frank encourages the couple to take the three- month marriage counseling course in three weeks before they get married. Reverend Frank has a sidekick named Choir Boy (Josh Flitter) who secretively sneaks into the couple’s house to place a device on their lamp so the Reverend can hear everything the couple says and, most importantly, if they take part in sexual intercourse.

This comedy is edgy, because the Reverend puts Ben and Sadie’s family in an uncomfortable position by having them say one word about Ben, and Ben saying one word about Sadie’s family. It makes the scene uneasy and Ben becomes uncomfortable and wonders if he’s right for Sadie. Moore plays her in-love fiancé very well and thinks she doesn’t know Ben any more when he tries to dig up Reverend Franks secret and prove that he is trying to break up their wedding plans. Krasinski also handles his character very well by not giving up on Sadie when his plan completely falls to the ground and he turns out to be the one ruining the wedding. He follows her to Sadie on their “supposed to be honeymoon” and writes his vows to her in the sand since he procrastinated and couldn’t write them in their wedding vows book. He wins over Sadie’s heart and calls it truce with Reverend Frank and the wedding takes place on a tropical island like Ben wanted to.

License to Wed is a movie for newly engaged couples to go to but don’t be scared and call your marriage off; work your problems out and everything will turn out in the end. Remember that your priest always gives you a lesson to learn from, even though it may not seem like it!

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