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The Number 23

November 16, 2007
By Anonymous

The Number 23
Wow, it’s everywhere! The number 23 is controlling and wrecking my life! These are some of the things that I said after viewing the new film “The Number 23.” Instantly following the film we, the viewers, are struck with the 23 Enigma. It’s hard not to look for or notice. The number 23 follows me everywhere from my birthday date to my favorite sports superstar in Michael Jordan.
The movie follows Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey) through a week of events following a bite from a mysterious dog. His wife, Agatha Sparrow (Virginia Madsen), picks up a book titled “The Number 23” written by one Topsy Kretts for Walters’s birthday. Instantly Walter becomes addicted to the novel and finds correlations between the main character of the book, also portrayed by Jim Carrey, and his own life. Throughout this film, Sparrow continuously reads the book and becomes drawn into the 23 Enigma. It seems as if everything in his life is linked back to this number filled with bad luck, murders, and horror stories. I do not want to spoil the movie, but I will tell you that the ending is a surprise and is guaranteed to leave you in awe.
“The Number 23” is an awesome thriller movie that will leave your head spinning when you’re done watching it. Jim Carrey takes on a serious role in movie that strays away from his usual comedies. In my opinion, he was brilliant! I now see the number 23 everywhere I look and I know you will too. Just trust me; this is a great, captivating, and head spinning film. It’s a must see in my book!!!

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