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New Moon showcase.

November 28, 2009
By Julietbyheart BRONZE, Coalton, Ohio
Julietbyheart BRONZE, Coalton, Ohio
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Anticipating the hot arrival of "New Moon" has been a long process. Being a major Twi-Hard I went to the midnight premiere.

The clapping and yelling for Edward was exciting. The whole theatre of girls went wild! When Taylor came on the girls really showed their approval for his "appearance".

"New Moon" will not dissapoint. I felt even more connected to Bella. I felt bad for all three people stuck in the love triangle. Girls always wish boys would fight over us - but I can't say I wish this to happen to me. Yeah having a hot vampire that can lift me with one hand would be awesome - yet the puppy-eyed Taylor plays his part just as well. This movie had me setting on edge the whole time, pact with every emtotion possible for a human to contain, action so thoroughly done I could swear there are no special affects, and feeling torn between the two myself I was deininately a happy girl until the end.

"New Moon" amzed me or as Bella would say "dazzled me". I almost fanited myself when the kissing took place. When the scene of the Volturie came on my heart pounded against my rib cage - I even yelped with Bella. When jake was begging Bella to stay I wanted to climb into the screen and comfort is 108 degree body (physically in both ways.).

The wolves are so beautiful you wish you could rub your hands through their fur! The special affects are so real it's hard to believe anything in that movie is fake. My favorite scene personally was with the Volturie which captivated me to the highest of captivation! My nails now have to grow a whole inch before reaching my finger tips.

The actors did not retain their on-set chemistry only behind the scenes but radiated the love to the audience as well.You are guaranteed to cry (sob in my case), laugh, smile, giggle, and possibly even sweat when Taylor comes on or when Edward takes his shirt off!

My anticipation was not starved - I was so much more than sufficed - if you go and watch this you no doubt will be like me and watch it two times as I have and plan going back for a third! You will miss out! If your not a Twilighter that is okay - the special affects will still please the eye.

Every important detail was shown - the movie was not hard to follow in the slightest.

Go and delight yourself. This movie is delecious to the eye and imagination. Seeing enough biceps, abs, pecs, and just pure muscle I can contently say I can die happy.

The author's comments:
Rated tripple D.
Dazzling, delecious, and delightful

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