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Boy in the striped pajamas

April 1, 2009
By BeccaLynn GOLD, Milwaukie, Oregon
BeccaLynn GOLD, Milwaukie, Oregon
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This book is about bruno a nine year old boy. a regular german boy. he has friends family he goes to school has parents a mom.... and a Dad that is a part of the third right. the natzis. The group of people that were responsibul for the death of six million jews. Disabled elderly meltaly insane and kids under the age of 14. If you fell into any of thoes catgorys you would be sent to a concentration camp and killed. But now that you now a little about what happend in the holocost I can tell you about this book.
The book tell a story about Bruno when his father must go out into the county side of poland the family must go and live with him. Bruno hates the house it certianly wasnt as beutiful as his old house. or as big but what bruno does not know is that he certialy he=ates this house for the wrong reason. the house is located outside of a concentration camp. bruno is un aware for what is happening in his world.
but one day hi goes exploring in his yard when he comes across a fence. and the fence seems to go on for ever. but far along that fence he sees a speck the spenk goes into a blob and the blob becomes a boy. HE is bald and is frightfully skinny and he is whearing a strange pair of striped pajamas. As he sits and talks to the boy he never realizes what is happing only that they have been taken away from their home force to live here.
knowing the topic of the story you can probl;y put the peices together byt from that do not think that you have heard the whole story. there is much much more and i sugest you read the book. It is a Page turner and gets into your mund and really make you think about how lucky you are even if you arnt.

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Boy in the striped pajamas is now a movie! READ THE BOOK FIRST

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