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P.S Longer Letter Later by Ann M. Martin and Paula Danziger

March 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Do you like to read books about friends? How friends get through life, the problems they face.

This book is about two friends named Tara and Elizabeth. Who do everything together until something happened to separate them. So now they write letters to each other. At first it was no problem. But then there lives began to change. Can they still be friends forever? Or will their distance tear them apart? I would recommend this to mostly girls because the things that they talk about in there letters are girly things. Also because its about two girls. I really like this book because I like to read about drama and friends.
The life lesson is that you should always be nice to everyone and don't gossip it just gets you into trouble. Also to accept what you have in life because your parents do their best for you.

When you are reading the girl's letters you don't know what to expect. In almost every letter there is something exiting or bad happening. This novel shows you that you should be thankful for what you have not be greedy and tell people you have it bad because you don't have everything you want.

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