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Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

February 29, 2008
By Anonymous

What if one secret could destroy you? Imagine your sister runs away on your sixteenth birthday. Then a short time after that, you start dating. The guy seems nice at first, but then he starts to get abusive, and you're afraid to leave him. On top of all that, you have to keep this a secret from everyone you love and trust because you're afraid they'll tell you to leave him. Will they look at you differently or maybe even hate you. You start falling away from your best friend and various activities. You're also afraid to talk to your run away sister because you think she'll suspect something's up by the sound of your voice and tell your mom and dad.

This is sixteen year old Caitlin's dilemma. Her main goal is to try and leave Rogerson: her abusive boyfriend. Gradually she learns even though you love someone dearly, they could turn out to be totally different than what you thought. I would suggest this book to someone who likes a fast-paced novel and a surprising ending. This book was without a doubt a ten.

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