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Jack's Run Bibliography

May 26, 2008
By Anonymous

Jack’s Run
By: Roland Smith

Last time the Greenes lived in Elko, Nevada but since then, the Greenes have moved to

Manteo and are awaiting Alonzo’s trial. Jack is going to live with is sister in Los Angeles. His

sister is a finalist for the American Superstar. They were taken by Alonzo’s crew and taken to

Argentina and kept hostage there. Then Neil and Patricia found out and they went to Elko to see

Sam. They all went to Argentina to find the kids and send Alonzo to jail. Jack and Joanne found

a way to trick Zita and get out of the dungeon they were kept in. Sam organized a plan to get the

kids back and they rescued Jack and Joanne. They then told Alonzo and his crew that they were

going to be watch for the rest of their lives and if they tried to hurt anyone in any way they would

press this red but and it would blow up this heart attack capsule that was injected into their necks

and they would die of a heart attack nothing could save them. Jack got to see Catalin and gave

her the note he always wanted to give her.

Jack was a strong, fearless person. He went through a lot in his life and broke a lot of bones.

He would do anything to keep his family safe and away from harm.

I recommend this book because it is a high suspense book that will keep you hooked. You

won’t want to put the book down. I would recommend reading Zach’s Lie first so you understand

the book and characters more. You can read the book and fallow it easier than most of the books.

It is an awesome book!

I rate this book a 10 because it kept my attention and made me want to keep reading and not

put it down.

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