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December 7, 2007
By Anonymous

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

When I first started readig Eragon, I was really excited. All of my friends were always talking about reading it and I was not one to be left out. From the moment I picked up Eragon, I could not put it down. Soon I was immersed in Eragon's adventure as a young rider.

The story starts in Carvahall where Eragon finds Saphria's egg. When the egg hatches, it opend a whole new world to Eragon of wich he had never dreamed. Soon Eragon finds himself riding horse back to the Varden while learning sword fighting, reading, writing, and magic. The plan that once Eragon gets to the Varden he will continue training to be a young rider, but the ride there is not a safe one. Soon Eragon is fighting enemies everywhere he goes while his life is on the line.

Through this story of war, Paolini manages to weave humor into this wild adventure of Eragon and Saphria that will make them a legend.

After reading this story of science fiction that may well be true I would really recommend it to anybody. It is truly a great book.


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