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Whispers from The dead

November 9, 2007
By Anonymous

Whispers from The dead
By: Joan Nixon Lowery

In the novel “Whispers From the Dead” sixteen year old Sarah has had a rough life moving from California to Houston, Texas, has almost drown, and now she is dating a guy who seems a bit suspicious.

This novel is not the kind of novel that you would expect to want to actually sit down and read. The beginning of this story was very boring. It had no action, and wasn’t fast moving at all. But all of a sudden it sped up and got a lot more action. Sarah ended up getting more friends around her neighborhood, going out on dates, and just living her teenage life the way any teenager would do.

The theme of this novel is that Sarah is dating a murderer and doesn’t know it. She finally thinks that she has found the right one. Ever since her drowning incident, she didn’t think that she would ever get a new boyfriend, because of her attitude. She wasn’t only hurting herself, she was hurting her family and friends too. No one knew what was wrong with her. So her mom finally took her to a councilor. Sarah never thought that she would be able to talk to anybody, but she thought wrong. She finally let out some of her problems, and solved a bunch of them.

It is hard to see how Sarah survived her life. Getting in fights all the time, almost drowning, and then almost getting killed by her own boyfriend. It is very hard to know what someone’s life is like. You may want to pick a fight with someone because they are being rude, but do you really know how bad their life is going? You may say that you are feeling the same way they are feeling, but really you aren’t. Different life’s for different people. Your life might be rough too, but don’t take your problems out on other people. If you ever get the feeling that you need to just sit down and talk to someone about your problems, there are plenty of people out there to talk to.
Rating: *****

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