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May 20, 2008
By Anonymous


This story takes place in the Star Wars universe, in 40 ABY (After Battle of Yavin). Correlia is trying to secede from the Galactic Alliance and be an independent planet. Jacen Solo becomes the corporal of the Galactic Alliance Guard, or the secret police of the GA. Thracken-Sal Solo, cousin to Han Solo, takes command of Correlia, but is assassinated by Boba Fett, Mirta Gev, and Han.
As Lumiya furthers Jacen's training in the sith ways, he learns more about some prophecies that must take place before Master Hood. Ben Skywalker, in a raid, kills his first victim. Jacen than promotes it in hope to have Ben be his apprentice. Luke and Mara Skywalker also worry about Jacen's dark side taint, and whether he should be training Ben.
Bloodlines is written by Karen Traviss. If this is the only Star Wars book you read, it wouldn't be hard to see that it takes place after George Lucas' books and movies. But it would be best to read the books that come before. Out of the ninology, this one ranks at 4 or 5; and out of 5 stars, it gets 3.5. This book goes on my recommendation list (all of which are probably Star Wars books) and is a fairly good book all around. The only books better, were written by Timothy Zann.

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