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When They Met

October 24, 2018
By graciepratt BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
graciepratt BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
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When They Met 

The water splintered the sun,

Reflecting fallen lightning.

The shards once rugged bits of shine,

Now broken and it’s frightening

Remembering so vividly the sun, set in the sky.

Remembering waves in the ocean and how i longed to fly

Subdivided parts of earth start to come together,

Subsided lakes and rivers recede, because convulsing weathers

I thought you were prepossessing, ‘till I looked at your depth.

Believed that you were flawless, but you were just perplex

I swallowed,

My throat collapsed,

It fell into my stomach.

No more stars to long for, every planet is imploding

The universe is mortal, it’s time to say goodbye

Never should have happened, but the water met the sky.

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