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Heart Restart

July 11, 2015
By LifeLeader PLATINUM, Roanoke, Virginia
LifeLeader PLATINUM, Roanoke, Virginia
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lying under the stars, my head rests on this pleated roof
I stare and stare for hours until my eyes finally find rest
but before that time comes, I smile at the sky up above
and hope to feel the same way…if the next night comes by

it’s so simple but…maybe too simple for one to enjoy
but I cannot help that these unworldy-world things enchant me
appreciating life...through appreciating its siblings;
the sky, heavens, and the world surrounding me

because I cannot forget

that maybe after I close these eyes
…I may not rise
…to say this again

but that’s alright ‘cause my soul’s forever warm
and my voice will return

but do not shed too many tears
…for those near and dear
…who are now gone

because when you see them again
won’t you want to reunite

It’s okay to take a breath
…and give your heart a rest
…for this short while

this life may not be for too long
but the next one goes forever on

listen to my voice (listen to my voice)
‘cause God can restart your heart

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