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January 6, 2011
By Iriqtaq SILVER, Sioux Falls, SD, South Dakota
Iriqtaq SILVER, Sioux Falls, SD, South Dakota
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"I'm afraid you've gone mad, completely bonkers! But I'll tell you a secret: All the best people are." --Alice in Wonderland, 2010

I wish I had a car that went zoom zoom zoom
and I wish I stayed inside when there was still room.
The rain and the thunder fell to the ground
to lie lazy, like me, all around.

It washes from my face the cosmetics and fake
and cleanses my mind of an ignorant state.
Someday my mask will flake off
and the average majority will scoff.

But my friends and my enemies will smile
at my new face, untouched by the fair or vile.
The sun will rise and burn my skin
to the bloody, ruddy red of delicious sin.

With corruption and malicious intention
I begin to find the need for intervention.
Once, the moon told me, she smoked too much cigar
and the sky coughed and out popped the stars.

The sun likes used to dance too close to the clouds
and he broke his beams when he fell in the crowds.
And so our mistakes are nailed to our doors,
so we may be called bitches, ass-holes and whores.

But the words will break on cold new truth
and their jibes will fall, insecure, uncouth.
The song of the un-blind will soar with out fear
only to fall on too many a deaf ear.

Wash your soul of your imaginary chains.
Release your mind to the freedom of pains.
The real world exists with or without you,
so find pluck up your guts and join in the coup.

Defy the majority average stereotype
Break free from the normality monotype.
The universe is full of things too many things to find,
but to discover, you must join the un-blind.

The author's comments:
Warning: language.
It was really hard to find a picture for this. I feel like this poem is about growing up and learning, making mistakes and learning to live with them. I guess there's a lot packed in there. Hope I'm not so crazy that you can't pick it apart and find some meaning. ;)

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