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March 13, 2010
laurenfromiowa PLATINUM, ., Iowa
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When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be

Summer is gone, that mood is coming on
My blood turnin cold, my actions turn wrong
Me vs everything I love I’m in this alone
Never been a coward, but now I run
This battle aint won I want an end
Who has hope they can share all I had anxiety has eaten
The mood deepends, seeking for the reason
But it’s found in the change of the seasons
Summer no more and it’s causin me to weakin
tears never fall but it sure got me weepin
My mind speaks foreign with no expression
Can’t read one thought hope I will the next one
I’m strong, for now, but not very long
think this been here ,all along all this fear
But thats a word in the dictionary to me not a thing to feel
Been thinkin I’ve forget, now it’s a little too real

"... but please don't leave me standing here, when the winter comes"

Hear me clear, I’ve been meaning to say this
Haven’t felt the greatest, thats not something you get
everytime I look out the change is startin
In case you didn’t notice, its causin me to darken
It’s almost been a year though I let go my regret
but there’s alot of different reasons I cannot forget
a year seems like more then enough time
Thought I’ve come to grips but it stay on my mind
and when I spit I feel like I’m sayin nothing new
Swear I’m only writing through the night so to make it through
Til I let go I’m bout to hold my beath
The closer that I get, the more I can finally rest
Look, I know it’s over, can you try to forgive me
I gotta let it out cause when I close my eyes It’s all I see
It helps you hold me down and listen, feel me
I know you’ll always forgive me, cause you need me

"... but please don't leave me standing here, when the winter comes"

To make it through with out you is part of my deal
But leavin you is hard, my heart you steal
Believe me, I don’t expect you to understand me
Rather have you realizing you could be a better man easy
Wish you could hold on, but you gotta catch and release me
I’m kinda screwed, I want you all, you’re what I never had
I’m learning how to deal with this incredible sad
Wanna take you by the hand, but you’d probably get mad
I’m trying to walk a path, the narrow one to the right hand
I try to stay on the walk, but its a miracle I even stand
I want to live right, more and more every night
I try to find the light just so I’m being lead strong
My personal plight cause us to fight cause you think I’m wrong
But I know you you mad, it’s cause you can’t do it on your own
And I would have to say it can be better for us to be alone
I hope we can work it out later because i feel we belong

"please dont leave me... standing here.. in the winter time."

The author's comments:
over the song "dont leave"

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