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Feel about you

January 24, 2010
By Ventus PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
Ventus PLATINUM, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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"Only once the drugs are dying. That i feel like dying"- Lil Wayne

Verse 1
I wish i told you before you were gone. And now that you left its only you that i long. I wish i told you when i had a chance. You had me going around like i was in a trance. You were the only thing i wanted then. Now it feels like the worlds come to an end. Now that you left and i'm alone. I wish you hadn't left me alone. If only you knew how huge my feelings for you are. If someone told me to look for someone i loved i wouldn't have to look far. I'd just turn around an look at you. I'll give anything if you felt the same way too. Do you know drive me crazy? And that your the only girl for me? It's true it's been that way since day one. Your in my life like the rise and fall of the sun.
Chrous 1
There's only one thing i ever wanna do. And thats sit around and talk to you. I can't go a day without you. It's like my world resolves around you. All i need right now is you. I don't even need the sun as long as i got you.
Verse 2
I remember when i first saw you i feel in love with you then and there. I'm only ever lonely if your not there. No matter what i need you with me here. Your the only thing i hold close and dear. I don't know how i ever could've lived life without you. I'm not sure what is there's just something about you. I couldn't stop loving you even if i tried. I'm thinking about you all the time. I wish i told you instead of waiting this long. I hope you like the words in this song. Everything i write about you is true. I mean all the things i'm saying i feel about you. Hopefully one day you'll the same. Maybe one day you'll love to hear my name. Because i can't take being away from you. And i just wanna spend foever with you.
Chorus 2
I'm going crazy with love for you right now. I just wanna see you right now. There's not left for me to say bout you. Except three words i love you.

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on May. 26 2010 at 1:52 pm
ReineBloodwolf GOLD, Portsmouth, Virginia
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"I will never fade away" "I will always be with you" "Yours in eternity" "Live for today but, look foward to tomorrow, and never forget to smile"

amazing friend its beautiful and the way i felt for my first love *sigh* he was my beautiful moon he would make my dark sad and loanly heart shine with his soft glow. *smiles sadly* but he left me and left my heart in the dark abyss. keep writing its beautiful. "yours in eternity"