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What happened?

September 15, 2009
By TwilightXisXlove1901 BRONZE, Northglenn, Colorado
TwilightXisXlove1901 BRONZE, Northglenn, Colorado
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(verse 1)
What do you think as you look at me your grown up little girl?

Because as I look at you everything goes in a blur.

What happened to watchin the Broncos on sundays?

What happened to you taking me camping on those sunny days?

What happened to you tucking me in at night....?!

(verse 2)
Do you even think of me? cuz I think of you everynight.

Why did you have to leave me and make me think it was all my fault...?!

What happened to you teaching me how to throw a fastball?

What happened to you cleaning me up after I fall?

What happened to me being your little girl?

(Verse 3)
Do you even miss me at all?
cuz i miss you and ill see you soon

What happened to us daddy?

The author's comments:
This song was based off true events about me and my dad

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