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November 26, 2022
By Ambiguous101 GOLD, Baxter, Minnesota
Ambiguous101 GOLD, Baxter, Minnesota
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Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body

The smooth wood feels like an extension of my body

The strap makes its way across my shoulder with ease

My right hand is steadily flowing back and forth across the stings

Making the most beautiful sounds and melodies

The voice of this instrument is

Unlike any I've heard before

It sings with soul and passion

As though it's heart has been torn

The beat of the tune hastens

And the tone erupts

Drowning all who hear

Into this blissful part

The colors of the song go from blue to purple

From orange to yellow

From red to pink

And everywhere else in the middle

This music has engulfed us

Making our hearts swell and our consciousness drift

We've lost ourselves in the song

Making our spirit shift

This one instrument has changed our lives

It spoke with wisdom and truth

And as the last note fades away

We all feel renewed

The author's comments:

For those that have ever heard the soulful sound of an acoustic guitar, or have ever been overcome by the brilliance of music, you are now understood.

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