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May 28, 2019
By Lorem_Ipsum GOLD, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Lorem_Ipsum GOLD, Las Cruces, New Mexico
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"Why should anyone be afraid of a hat?" - The Little Prince

When I was growing up

I wanted it to be fast

To transform into heroes

To be grown up at last

To be as tall as Big Bird

And be smarter than Nye

And now I look up to the sky, wish those days never passed

And Mr Rogers told me

I’ll always be his neighbor

But on this journey through life we’ve

Gotten lost in labor

Too busy fighting stress

Our lives are just a mess

It’s all just one big test to try and earn a sheet of paper

The monsters under our beds

Seemed such a frightening fright

Now, hiding under blankets

Won’t get us through the night

To play dress up with a grin

Would surely be a sin

Cause now we dress as someone else for other folks’ delight

Cause when I was growing up

I never really thought

About the battle of life

All my heroes fought

So find some time to relax

To eat a pack of fruit snacks

Amd play a game of hopscotch with all the strength you’ve got

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