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January 14, 2019
By MiraculousMiracles SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
MiraculousMiracles SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
We are all in a simulation,I am awake

It appears the world is sleeping while we are awake,

Close your eyes and see the future

Memories lie

Where do I go ?

Sweet childhood,

Non existence

Simply like, my father's good deeds

Alone with a hood over my head

I could be a Hero

In my dreams

In my bed

Monsters in my heart

We are bros but still scared of each other in the dark

Breathe in the smoke

Coughing up dust

Hack up your happy eat your sad

Depression for Breakfast

Denial for lunch

Don't feel for Dinner

I feel sick to my Gut

Surprise you masked man

It is I

The Daughter you abandon

For your second wife

I see the future

In my sleep

I wake up shaking and trembling

What can I see?

Why can't I see?

The positivity the world spit,

We are all broken kids

Described as Emo but that doesn't exist

That eyeliner is someones actual bags

That makeup is the scars that blend within

Slitting of the Wrist

Cause a little risk

Hopefully so I can sleep and go into the abyss

All lies we are emotional

Stereotyping isn't helping at all

Fake suicidal

Lying about Death

Rude awakening once you get the call

Yet you wonder why i only listen to the demons in my head

Those words caught in my throat

No words come out, but I am choking on the verbs and nouns that croak

FTM, Trans trying to discover me

However, my Whole family is against LGBT

Thinking of surgery

Binding till death

Deepening my voice

Choking on air in my chest

What can I do besides keep it hidden ?

Or risk everyone saying good Riddance,

I've forgotten how happy I can be

Being a teenager isn't as fun as it seems

They say High school are the best years of your life

but it's been hell for me and something about the kids aren't right

No friends

No love

Both betrayed me and help me steady the Rope

Handed me a chair which broke

Of course mother too

Handed me Anxiety pills that sent me through the roof

Sleeping all day, Shaking all night

I can't tell you how I feel or you'll see it all right

Grand mother said

I'll always love you

Quickly as she passed my heart left too

The pool of emptiness I am passing on to you

There is nothing left..for you

You are the puppet

Here are your strings

I am the puppeteer

Fear not..you are just like me

The author's comments:

Many emotions and pieces of my life..thoughts..please think as you read before you attempt to spread negaitve vibes and argument. 

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