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December 17, 2018
By MiraculousMiracles SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
MiraculousMiracles SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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We are all in a simulation,I am awake

Why did you reach out to me?
You offered me your hand then snatched it from me
Why did you lie?
I never did you wrong.
Perhaps i didn't try hard enough
Is that why when your near
I am afraid
I cannot speak
So i just let my tears flow the words i cannot say
It isn't like you'd understand anyway
Instead you scream ¨Why¨
But i cannot explain to you For i do not know
Maybe they are little memories that are afraid of being forgotten
Friendly reminder of why i shouldn't but i do
Someone please stop me
I can no longer contain this pain that has held on and hugged me
He is holding my waist,Yes
Right there in the dark
Whispering scary things you say when we're apart
Draining my eyes filling it with unknown cold
I forgot how to smile
Yes,That curl of the lips
If i am not laughing do not ask me for it
How true is it ?
How heartless i truly am
You forgot me like a cool breeze
But i remember you
That cold feeling you placed upon my lips
That's why i give him my eyes
He can see through you
When i cannot
He tugs my arm
He pulls my hair
Begging me not to go over there
And yet i did There you stood grinning
I took your hand
I took your hand
And you smirk..
You liar,You storyteller
Hiding my eyes from what you are
But i can see
Oh yes i can see now
The true monster you have been
Your red glowing eyes met his
Though you cannot understand him
Your lust for blood
His lust for love
Your want for me
His want to keep
Your dirty crimes
His filthy eyes
Useless pride
Unlikely smile
Cruel guy
Your goo-goo eyes
His hands met my neck
Your hands drew back
I grimace in disgust
You both look up
Now i have cruel eyes
Bloodied knifes
Bleeding thighs
Unlikely smile..
Now you both can truly see
I´m not as blind as i seem
The truth is right in front of me
But i still run into his arms
He´ll protect me from your guile scheme.

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