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Strange Noise

May 8, 2012
By Behind-The-Illusion GOLD, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
Behind-The-Illusion GOLD, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
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I was lying awake in my bed
When I heard a strange noise in my head
I shrieked really low
Jumped out the window
And now I am thinking I’m dead

Slowly I open my eyes
What I see is a big surprise
A burglar man
I screamed and I ran
I fell when I heard someone cry

He suddenly tapped on my back
I swung and I gave ‘em a whack
He fell to his knees
And begged pretty please
But I kicked him right in his sack

I looked down and said, “Oh my bad!”
‘Cause holy crap it was my dad
He looked really ticked
Since I gave ‘em the kick
And his expression was very mad

The author's comments:
This was for a random assignment in English. It made the whole class laugh.

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