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Locked In

August 9, 2011
By Katiexox GOLD, Portville, New York
Katiexox GOLD, Portville, New York
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Why Do I Stay
Why Am I Still Here
Shouldnt I Have Left,
Ran Far From Here?
Its A Dark Place,
This Cell Of Mine,
Its Where I Chose
To Do My Time
Its What I Deserve
For The Stupid State Of Mind
That Youd Change For Me
Boy, What A Crime
The Crime Of Stupidity,
Is The Worst To Commit
Because, I Saw It Coming
Yet I Didnt Omit
I Stood Right There,
I Accompanied You
On This Crime Of Love
We Decided To Do
You Stole My Heart
And I Stole Yours
But The Problem is, Here
Is That Now Im Torn
So I Sit In This Jail,
This Dark, Cold Cell,
Wondering When Ill Take The Key
And Escape From This H**l
But Until Then, Ill Sit
And Wait Patiently,
Hoping Maybe I Wont Have To Escape
But That Youll Set Me Free;;

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