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I am nameless

April 6, 2017
By Mahalabelle GOLD, Leesburg, Indiana
Mahalabelle GOLD, Leesburg, Indiana
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I don't just care about my friends-- I am head-over-heels in love with them.

Haven't I shed enough blood
Sweat, tear, love, pride, happiness
Is my devotion far gone
So far it cannot replicate
Replicate to your satisfaction
Is my best not your standard

I've pushed to my limit
I accept your challenges
So you can see me fighting
Since I know you are blind to people
People like me sometimes
But I will still be nameless

I've been beaten for you
I only wanted to make you happy
Doing what pleases you only to find
That— only to find you changed the game
That game you invented so only a few can win
The nameless do not win those types

I am nameless: forget me please
Only to serve and not to be seen
Only a shadow of your bidding
A personality that fits your description
But doesn't fit the person attached
Their personality set for death

The author's comments:

"Baby, every dog in the street knows that we are in love defeat. Are we ready to be swept off our feet, and stop chasing every breaking wave?" -U2 Songs of Innocence: Every Breaking Wave

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