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5 Ways to Look at Health MAG

October 22, 2015
By Natalieshiyu BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
Natalieshiyu BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
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Avocado and wine colored leaves
with fresh fajita chicken tossed in the mix
and a splash of lite caesar dressing
with the side of drool worthy watermelon
a perfect meal for a normal everyday person
who weighs 106 pounds

Abnormal snacking at 2am
with the added candy bars
stashed in a secret compartment in my backpack
and three turkey sandwiches
four chocolate cupcakes rich with artificial flavor
two more sodas to wash everything down
just for everything to come back up again
a normal meal for an abnormal person
who weighs 108 pounds
but throws up 6

Granola bars for the morning
where the sun shines bright outside
but never reaches my room
dressing in the morning’s shadow
it’s 75 degrees
but it feels like 48
dressing in four layers
going to a prison to get harassed
by everyone who tells me
I need help
when I’m actually fine
an apple for lunch
because it’s healthy, right?
for a person that weighs 96
it’s normal

Sugary apple pie
slices of roasted turkey
light buttery mashed potatoes
and cranberry sauce drizzled over
the beautiful masterpiece of a meal
but it suddenly doesn’t look any better than
the last meal I didn’t eat
I’ll just do homework in my room
but please enjoy this holiday without me
I’m just not hungry
a common phrase
for someone dressed in a gown
and weighs 89 pounds

A small side garden salad
accompanying a hearty whole grain sandwich
filled with roast beef and thin melted dairy goodness
with some lemon tea to wash it all down
not for it to come back up
but for it to be the last few steps to leaving
the place where I couldn’t wear different outfits
but the same gown everyday
a normal meal
for someone who weighs a proud 110

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece because I had friends who went through eating disorders and they recovered and are now living happily and healthier. I hope that for people who are thinking of giving up on themselves, please don't give up because even if this phrase sounds overused, it does get better. And you'll never know until you try.....so please try for me, please?

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