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May 15, 2015
By celticstudygirl PLATINUM, Vermilion, Other
celticstudygirl PLATINUM, Vermilion, Other
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Even though you left us one year ago, you are still in our minds and hearts and forever will be.


Your smile still brightens people's days including mine, your voice is still comforting to us during our darkest times, you still inspire other people in many different ways including me.


You left us all that you met with warm memories and funny stories that are shared with others everyday and leaving everyone smile, and at times tears from lauging too much.


Even though you are still missed one year later, you left a huge impact on peoples' lives that will last their entire lives including mine.

The author's comments:

George Donaldson from my favorite group called Celtic Thunder passed away on March 12, 2014 from a sudden heart attack. And I wrote this poem one year later on that date and this was the first poem that I ever wrote and this pretty much sums up my feelings about missing him.

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on Jun. 23 2015 at 2:53 pm
Luv4Ever SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
A miracle is just another name for hard work
-Minho in "To The Beautiful You"

I think this is a beautiful epitaph! I love how you wove your feelings of loss throughout this piece. Good job!

on Jun. 16 2015 at 11:55 pm
ThePoeticJustice PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Hold fast and keep your head up high for life will pass right by you like a speeding bird if you don't acknowledge it- Charles Moorer III (me)

It so sweet XD I like it, and may he rest in peace lol. I don't think I need to critique XD shoulda been read at a private funeral

on Jun. 15 2015 at 11:52 pm
coolstudygirl GOLD, Vermilion, Ohio
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I love this sweet and lovely poem!