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Not Daydreaming

February 4, 2015
By author122130 BRONZE, Rio Rico, Arizona
author122130 BRONZE, Rio Rico, Arizona
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I don't daydream of you like I daydreamed of
Because I spent everyday daydreaming of her until I met
I daydreamed she would come back to my arms &
Kiss my lips with hers
& I do not daydream that of you
I do not daydream of you
You see, it's too painful to hope
& when I hoped & daydreamed she would come back,
She never did
The universe pushed my stars far away until it brought me
The moon, you
The universe knew what I longed for
Like a movie in my head of her coming back
So it gave me a twist & never brought her back
But this time, I won't daydream of you
& if you do not come back I will not be waiting
& if you come back it would be unexpected
Hope, it flew away from me like you did
So I do not daydream of you
I do not hope you'll come back
I wish.. I wish which is different
I wish on the shooting star my dead brother gave me
I wish but never will I daydream of you
Never will I hope you come back
For my heart has shattered to pieces & cannot take more
Pain than the one you have left
But I will wish today, tomorrow & the day after that
But never hope, never wait, never daydream you'll come back
& stay with me forever

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