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Psychedelic Bathing

October 11, 2014
By micshea99 PLATINUM, Matthews, North Carolina
micshea99 PLATINUM, Matthews, North Carolina
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Switching the light off, I twist the lever, sending water streaming from the faucet. I drop my clothes where they remain in a crinkled heap on the bathroom floor, and step into the marble chamber. The warm water is now raining down on my head, rinsing me. It snags on the ends of my hair and drips, slowly drenching me. I fill my hands with soap and run my fingers through the tangled fibers and then watch the mire run down my body and join the stream of depravities coursing towards the drain. Filling my hands again, I drown my body in frugal scent. The water cascades onto my skin and steam rises around me, enveloping the air with it's heavy fervor. I reach for a razor and begin to drag the blade over my skin, letting the hair that has grown to cover it fall away into the surge below. And then I stand, just skin and bones, with my eyes closed and hand poised above the lever. I push it all the way down and stand motionless, letting the water grow hotter and hotter until it melts me away into oblivion.

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