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Helen of Troy

June 17, 2013
By juneday GOLD, Barrington, Rhode Island
juneday GOLD, Barrington, Rhode Island
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Helen of Troy

Hatched from the ugly blue veins of the egg
Her mother, Leda, bore:
Leda, once beautiful,
Now weighted down
With the heavy living stones
Of her children. In what shallow lights
Is beauty seen! Her skin lost its radiant pallor.
The sun – red color of her hair leaked from the roots,
Replaced by a dun thinness.
Her belly, swollen taut,
No longer tempted Zeus; but merely sent
His fickle eye wandering onward. And so one day he flew from her,
With no lingering pity,
sunlight flashing from his pinions in Apollo’s splendid rays;
and all the hen – birds, for it was in the springtime,
left their strutting mates
and followed him in dark flocks
Until rain battered them back to earth. Such was the power of Zeus.

The author's comments:
I love Greek mythology and was inspired to write this after rereading the story of Helen of Troy.

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