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Desert Poem

May 20, 2013
By Claire Culbert BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
Claire Culbert BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Rusty red
Crumbled tiles
Blistered feet
Walk for Miles

Desert sun
Fire sand
Heat wave city
Forbidden land

Burnt skin
Red face
Dried up
In this place

Wanderer wanderer
Deception thick
Watery mirage
Natures cruel trick

In this image
Of heated rock
Light bleached
In hells walk

Scorpions fire
Prickly pear
Rattlesnakes strike
Waters rare

Tumbleweed blown
Dust storm
Sand sleeper
Still warm

Wanderer wanderer
Bandits train
Clear sky
Never rain

Like the land
Once a sea
Wooden graves
Buried deep

Dusty taste
Sun cooked
Preserved in sand
pale eyed look

Wanderer wanderer
Walk away
dark kills the sun
Cold kills the day

The author's comments:
This is a poem that Arizona, in a way, inspired.

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