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A Shy Heart

January 17, 2013
By Aeryka BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Aeryka BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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It's hard living in a world of hate.
We live to see each day and hope we can go on.
But when that person we depend on brings us down,
What better than to run away.

I met this girl named Shy and she was the best person ever.
She met a guy and they got together.
They had the strongest relationship ever.
Today, we had fun and laughed about things.
I never would have thought that he would break her heart.
This is certainly the second time she cried.
I hated him for it.
She was nice and caring and didn't think only about herself.
Once a jerk, always a jerk.

Your friend and always, Aeryka

The author's comments:
A piece I recently wrote right off my mind. Shy's a good person. Yes, it is true :D

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