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It's On Now!

July 8, 2012
By illosionist GOLD, St.helen, Michigan
illosionist GOLD, St.helen, Michigan
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" Passion is My Motivation" -Me

I once heard of a man,
so happy,
he had the world in his hands.
I spoke to him,
can i hold the stars?
and he said it doesn't matter to me.

I once met a man,
who was so strong,
he held the world on his back.
I asked him,
how heavy can it be?
Than he drowned me out with the seas.

Yet i met another,
with courage in his heart,
his sails pointed to the edge of the world.
I questioned his intelligence,
and he said he didn't need it,
he proved us all wrong.

Looking forward,
I could not see,
another who puzzled me.
I looked to the sky,
and there he sat,
a man on the moon,
looking mysterious as ever.
So i yelled it has to be great!
and he looked to me,
words he didn't speak,
dust and webs cloaked,
as he is alone.

It's on now!
I screamed and went to each,
I grabbed the world from his hands,
and i created a rainbow,
trailing from land to land.

I shrunk the giant,
to normal size,
he sighed with relief,
as the world spun on it's sides.

I took his ship,
added wings,
told him to discover everything.
With a slight salute,
and a grin on his face,
he sailed deep,
into the wonderful unknown.

I built a ladder,
and sat and talked,
with a man of silence,
oh he couldn't stop.
We climbed down,
and showed him the beauty,
of the noises of nature.

So what I found,
is no matter what,
in the end,
Passion is Motivation.

The author's comments:
Inspiration is my inspiration for this poem. It all gets better, and no matter how good you got it; someone can always make it better.

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on Jul. 22 2012 at 3:13 pm
InfinityandBeyond01 BRONZE, N/a, California
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Stay Strong! <3

Teddy...this is amazing! && um I dont mean to be rude but Im still waiting for my poem D: this wait is killing me!