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One and Only

July 10, 2012
By HiddenAngelInTheDark PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
HiddenAngelInTheDark PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Theres so many that I can't pick sorry

Just one glance from you

Puts me in a daze

I can't help but get pulled into your force 

I wanna hold you and never let go

Just hold you all throughout the long sleep less nights

Wide awake

You're love is all that I can think about

In the mist of darkness

From closing my eyes

I see your face

Feel your touch

And hear your voice 

Although I am unable to shut off my mind

I try to picture you beside me

But fail to realize that you are there and I am here

My dreams are not reality

For all that the eye can see

I swear it to you one day

It will just be us

Nothing in our way

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a series of poems for my fluffy :) as an annivsary gift for her love you baby <3

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