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Under the lens

February 26, 2012
By mdoering PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
mdoering PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
“Sure, I can talk like you, but I choose not to, It's like an art, you know? Picasso had to prove to the world he could paint the right way, before he goes putting both eyes on the side of a face... See if you paint wrong because that's the best you can do, you just a chump. But you do it because you want to? Then you're an artist...You can take that to the grave and dig it up when you need it.”
― Neal Shusterman, Unwind

Eyes are everywhere.
They follow me
Through my damnable ways
And judge the contents of my erudite mind

They are hidden pustules
Of spite and jealousy
Lending their penchant for accuracy to those
Plotting against me

Wicked and laudable
In the way they play me
I live my life in fear of their harsh critiques
And lamentable correctness

I am merely a girl-shaped bacterium
Under the lens
Of the almighty microscope
That is life

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