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Philosophy of Loss

February 19, 2012
By miniko PLATINUM, Germantowm, Maryland
miniko PLATINUM, Germantowm, Maryland
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i never said most of the things i said- yogi berra

People say there’s a time everyman must move on
But I’m a woman
More specifically a girl
So tell me, wouldn’t this saying be wrong
Because I’m a girl there’re tons of things I don’t know yet
I would say I’m naïve
All I want to do is be comforted by denial
Yes I will accept friendship from lies
I would run and hide from the truth
And if I do get tired
I would sit down in my grief
It would be my own personal cushion
People just expect me to feel better
But I can’t because my body’s numb
I can’t turn my frown upside down
The weight is too much for me to handle
It’s as if my heart been beaten with sticks
Everything in me aches

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