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Henry the Hippo, Part Five

January 9, 2012
By U2_Fanatic GOLD, Westbury, Other
U2_Fanatic GOLD, Westbury, Other
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Henry the Hippo-- why won't you leave me the [bleep] alone?!
There are some things for which you cannot atone
Henry the Hippo, go die in a hole
Kindly return my dignity, which you rudely stole.

Henry the Hippo, don't defile Stephen
With your shiny, bloody lips; even
Having my fingers chopped off would be better than this!
To decapitate you would be absolute bliss!

You're not as bright as you think you are,
Look at your blood, black and thick as tar!
You are the epitome of indiscreet,
Around you, my sanity continues to deplete.

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