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The Storm

December 10, 2011
By RoselieaOak SILVER, Antioch, California
RoselieaOak SILVER, Antioch, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Nothing is impossible with God."

A drop of water hits my face
Splashing on my cheek
I look up at the sky
And gaze at the dark gray clouds

A flash of lighting
The rumble of thunder
A storm approaches
I must hurry

I run down the path
Toward my home
Lighting flashes
Thunder groans

Rain wets my hair
Plastering it to my face
My clothing is soaked
And my bag filled with water

I open the front door
And rush inside
I'm dripping wet
I head for my room

I peel away my wet clothing
And put on dry ones
I go to the window
And gaze out at the storm

The wind blows fiercely
The lightning streaks by
The thunder roars loudly
Its dark in the sky

The streets are flooded
The roads are submerged
But I do not worry
For God's promise will return

Finally the storm is gone
The sun is setting soon
I gaze up into the sky
And see the glorious rainbow

The author's comments:
A little piece I came up with to show my love for God's promised rainbow. :)

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