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Imperfect World That Laughs 3 Times

October 25, 2011
By theburlapcurtains PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
theburlapcurtains PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
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a penny flattened and warped by a train?
pulverized into a practical guitar pick?
a cork, soggy and purple?
next to a broken wine bottle?
the absence of nervous secretions?
humidifying the air between their palms?
his ringing laugh?
that leap frogs among the wooden rafters?
it is what it is?
and if it isn't love?
they couldn't care less??

the janitor's worn corduroy pants?
webbed holes in his occupied shirt?
where respectable elbow pads should be?
sweeping up new-born dust?
leaving behind the dissipating sound waves?
from the click of his black boots?
a laugh that comes from the belly?
the center of gravity?
of hilarity?
wheels turning under a heavy weight?
living and dying?
next to and among everything else??

tangled shoe strings dyed grey with recess?
comics read and re-read?
his honest questions?
that come from an ageless infantile wonder?
that deserve answers which are not false?
an inward glow of limitless possibilities?
an explosion from his young lungs and mouth?
tells of automatic and pure amusement?
the genesis, the Big Bang of a hearty laugh?
he eats supper, every food group?
but puts his foot in his mother's mouth?
when she tries to say?
that faeries don't clean the dishes

The author's comments:
Written throughout a day, beginning in 5th bell study hall.

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