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Seth Manson

October 15, 2011
By IRBFGW DIAMOND, Cincinnati, Ohio
IRBFGW DIAMOND, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Seth Manson was a special case
The worst I’d ever seen
I must have been crazy to agree to help his dark case
But I believed in good with evil beings

He changed my mind that Manson did
When I was ordered to his unit
“Bring special care.” The guard whispered
“Don’t anger him one bit.”

I insisted they misunderstood
This monster was a child!
A ten year old with a trouble past
I doubted he could be so wild

“I’m warning you.” A nurse begged me
“Please, just walk away.”
“I can handle this.” I assured are kindly
“I know just what to say.”

My mother was please when I became a therapist
But would hate to see me here
I decided to move on to more difficult cases
One’s that provoked a little fear

The mental hospital creaked
The smells of urine filled the halls
I could hear the screams of unloved misfits
I saw patients, not Neanderthals

I laughed when I approached Seth’s door
With the words “Danger” running up and down the walls
“How harmful can I child be?”
I chuckled as I turned the knob

I was thrown back by the stench of body odor
The second I opened the door
“Are you Seth Manson?” I chirped happily
A creature crawled across the floor

In the darkness I saw Seth’s body come out
One not quite of man, but not quite beast
His eyes showed not a spark of empathy
His stomach in need of a Thanksgiving feast

I straightened my tie, in a professional manner
Asked “Seth, how can I help you?”
Seth growled and spit on me
His eyes, I noticed, were somehow a lovely shade of blue

“I’m Dr. Watson.” I introduced myself
And offered the boy my hand
“I don’t need you.” He snarled, the hate growing deeper
“I’ll give you two seconds to get off my land.”

I scoffed at the boy
And I regret that choice everyday
Seth glared at my laughter
And narrowed his eyes at the prey

I saw a flash of his pearly white teeth
Before I blacked out on the floor
I walk up in a hospital bed
With no memory of the day before

“What happened?” I tried to ask the doctor
Only to realize my mouth was wired shut
I couldn’t hear what he spoke to me
And if that weren’t bad enough

It all came together the next day
That Seth had nearly chewed off my skin
I hit my head on the security camera
And that’s what the police burst in

I nearly died, I should be lucky to be alive
But my skin is layered like a snake
I can’t speak, and I cannot walk
It’s hard when you’re deformed to give thanks

Seth is still locked up, but with something else now
A part I can never get back
I could not help this patient, I failed and was disgraced
In a way, I don’t blame the attack

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