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Not All Things Age To Perfection

August 16, 2011
By ConversingMute PLATINUM, Fowermound, Texas
ConversingMute PLATINUM, Fowermound, Texas
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As I stare out the window
Through the dirty, cracked glass
In this run-down neighborhood
At all the cars that pass
The rain cascades downward
Falling rather fast
Reminding me of the sweet memories
I dared to call the past
Little clips and photos are all I have left
Of a love that was forever, but didn't last
Flashbacks take me to a time
When I was yours and I called you mine
But it's as they say
Nothing last forever
Well ain't that the truth
Like our first kiss
Next to the movie ticket booth
Or the time we held hands
In the park all day long
Or the time we couldn't remember
The words to our favorite song
Now as I sit alone
In the house we built together
I stare out the window
At the stormy weather
And I remember you
And all the times you laughed
And I wish I had told you
How much I cared a little more
I wished I could have held you
One more time before
Well, I started having to dream
Just to see your face
And I started trying to get back
The love I can't replace
Before I started staring out
Through the window
At the falling rain
Before I lost all hope
And felt all this pain

The author's comments:
(A poem about an old man missing his deceased beloved)

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